Follow the Scientific Method

We strictly adhere to the scientific method in all parts of our organization, because we see it as not just a tool for innovation, but as a guideline for our daily operations. We believe that our actions should be dictated by logic, and so we act according to our observations and proven hypothesis after analyzing hard data, which leads us to proven decisions. In this way, we’re able to bolster our superior scientific innovation and business decisions based on fact, not emotions.

Cultivate Value

Here at Pharmagaia, we understand that in order to create value, we must begin at the foundation – focusing on the needs of customers, partners and our stockholders. To that end, we ensure a workplace environment that allows our business to flourish. We cultivate and maintain long-term value by strongly balancing the needs of all we deal with.

Foster Mutual Trust and Respect

Trust is the foundational aspect of all positive relationships. We are capable, committed and diverse and understands that trust is fostered through inclusion, responsibility and respect.

Celebrate Teamwork

Diversity is the core of teamwork, offering the best resolutions to benefit customers, partners and stockholders. By fostering a strong sense of team work, we’re able to move scientific innovations from the lab, to testing, to the marketplace with efficiency and speed. That cooperation leads us to best impact the direction of our company and helps us flourish in an inclusive and supportive setting.

Stay Competitive and Succeed

The scientific field is a competitive one and that’s something we take to heart. We are always racing against the clock and industry rivals to deliver the highest quality results and know that success often means risk. While we celebrate our achievements, we are quick to move on to continue to compete, all while maintaining high ethics and integrity in all of our business relations.

Always Work Ethically

Nothing is more important to us than maintaining a high standard of excellence in legal compliance, safety regulations and rigorous ethics that apply to all products, services and dealings.

Maintain High Standards of Quality

Quality is key to our success and we apply that need for quality to everything we do, whether it’s products and services, research and development or simply the best partners. We seek to maintain that quality throughout all of our operations.

Emphasis on Communication

Pharmagaia operates on strong bonds of communication, where our leaders seek the input and opinions of key stakeholders in critical decision-making situations. We believe that in order to succeed, strong opinions, diverse beliefs, conflicting viewpoints and open dialogue must be nurtured in order to   achieve the best results.